50… half way there! Maybe?!?

This week hopefully marks the half way point of my life… my idea of officially “middle age”! But really… do any of us know when we are at the half way point… and what is “middle age”? I have strived all of my life to live each day as if it is one of my…

GERMANY – Travel from Malmo to Hamburg

How can it be time to say goodbye already? Today started with an early morning visit to the laundry room in Shelley’s building (she has to pre-schedule her laundry time several days in advance… oh my goodness… I don’t think I’d ever manage to get laundry done! LOL) Thankful to head off on our next…

SWEDEN – Southern Points & Ale’s Stones!

My friend planned a fun day of touring of the southern towns nearby which included borrowing her father-in-law’s car with me driving (she gave up her license many years ago). We all headed out and I know she had specific plans… but as we kept talking and forgetting to follow the needed turns, our journey…

SWEDEN – Malmo (Country #4 / City #5 / Travel Days #12-16)

Another travel day… this time via train from Stockholm to Malmo! I thought I had it all under control… booked the tickets… left in plenty of time (I thought)…. but then the bus didn’t come on schedule… and it dropped us across the street from the station. And maybe you remember from my Stockholm post,…

Saying Goodbye

A Funeral is not a day in a lifetime. It is a Lifetime in a day. Remembering the truly memorable Aunt Jo with all those who loved her

No Luggage

Check me out! No Luggage! No waiting – No Lineups = Easy Peasy!

Sky Lounge Ottawa

We went 150ft high to enjoy some cocktails and appetizers!  We live in a beautiful city!