The Milsoms

The Milsoms
I met Peter at the top of the World Trade Center in NYC in 1999. He proposed to me in front of our family & friends in 2000, and in 2001 we were married! We have three beautiful children, Alex, Tim & Kaelee.  

This life we live is what we make it – I can’t imagine mine without my family

Peter AKA Dad
Peter has inspired the rest of the family to experience the world as it is today.  His works takes him to places many can only dream of.  His dream is to see it as a family.

Sonja AKA Mommy
Sonja is truly a “Jacqueline of all Trades” this year she will put her travel agent hat on and guide the family on an adventure of a lifetime.  Fun and Family is number one.

Alex is the eldest of the bunch carrying many of the stereotypical traits an oldest child has.  Responsible, kind and giving – he is a great big brother to his siblings.  The places he looks most forward to see is Australia and Asia.

Tim is a curious, smart and loving preteen.  He has a great charisma about him that can brighten anyones day.  An amazing brother to have on the trip of his life!  The place he is most excited to see is London.

Kaelee is the baby of the bunch – she may be a princess but she is definitely not a baby.  Talkative and friendly, fun and loving, watching this sister experience the world wonders will truly be a sight!  The place she wants to be most is next to her mommy.