DENMARK – Copenhagen (Den Bla Planet Aquarium) & Helsingor (Kronborg Castle)

DENMARK (Country #5, City Visits #7 & #8)

COPENHAGEN – Another fun day’s adventure started with a walk to a local cafe where my friend Shelley Nichols had managed to gather at least 10 of her family and friends to come say hello and for me to meet! What a delightful time that was! One of my favourite parts of travelling is spending time with the “locals” and doing normal daily activities… not just the tourist stuff! Another stop we made on our walk was to pick up art supplies for Tim. When we were in Iceland he re-discovered the Harry Potter movies and since then found a tutorial on how to make wands. Shelley graciously let us set up a space in her kitchen for him to work on his new hobby.

We then headed off to take a train ride to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit the largest aquarium – Den Bla Planet in Northern Europe! For the first time since we started our travels, I realized how wonderful it was to have someone else doing the planning and organizing. As Shelley and I continued to talk and just follow along, her honey Peter, bought the tickets and herded us all in the right direction! After 2 weeks of being the only one to organize and herd my 3 munchkins, this was a real treat! Just outside the aquarium was this large world globe… I always love an opportunity for the kids to figure out where we are!


The kids LOVED the aquarium – there was even a section that was like being inside a rain forest!

Also pictured from our day in Copenhagen is these fabulous blue benches that were works of art all along the walkways. Every one was slightly different, but all functional.

After the aquarium we all took a walk into the downtown area and went for dinner before heading back to Sweden (isn’t that weird to read… it’s kind of weird to do too…I mean the part about walking around and having dinner in one country and then casually heading home that evening to another country!) Once we got home and put the kids to bed, we again indulged in a couple of adult beverages…on this night we mixed margaritas and remembered wild and crazier times from our youth…the only thing missing was the third from our motley trio…. Page!

HELSINGOR – The next day Shelley and I took the kids over to Denmark again but this time involved the train and a ferry ride, as we headed to Kronborg Castle (another check mark on our UNESCO World Heritage Site list!) in Helsingor, Denmark…/palaces-an…/kronborg-castle.html

This was such a fun adventure and we all enjoyed exploring this great castle which was immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. And the kids got to see what a bedchamber & a “chamber room” looked like!

We danced in the grand ballroom, I sang in the chapel, pretended I was Vivian Leigh, explored the underground passageways, and looked out across the water where you can actually see Sweden… as this is the narrowest path of water between the two countries.

Kaelee even got to help one of the workman with some of the restoration work being done.

And at the end when we went through the gift shop, she had the chance to get a princess outfit, or a knight… which did she choose… surprisingly… the knight!

We then walked into the town area and found an excellent Italian restaurant to enjoy calamari, pizza, pasta and a glass of wine.

And then a tired walk back to the ferry, just in time to say goodbye to our day in Helsingor, Denmark as the sun set on our departure!


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