SWEDEN – Southern Points & Ale’s Stones!

My friend planned a fun day of touring of the southern towns nearby which included borrowing her father-in-law’s car with me driving (she gave up her license many years ago). We all headed out and I know she had specific plans… but as we kept talking and forgetting to follow the needed turns, our journey took a slightly different path. But sometimes those are the best trips!  A beautiful drive on the coast took us to a little cafe at the southernmost tip of Sweden for hot chocolate/coffee/sweets. F20A38A8-F397-40A7-8A13-87522E0820CC

Next up was a hike up the road to visit Ale’s Stones (Swedish: Ales stenar) is a megalithic monument in Scania in southern Sweden. It is 67 m (220 ft) long formed by 59 large boulders, weighing up to 1.8 tonnes each. But as you can see, the boys just enjoyed trying to climb them!

On the return drive we stopped at IKEA…. (a massive IKEA!!!)… and the kids of course enjoyed several hot dogs and an ice cream (they tell me the hot dogs in Sweden are better than the ones at the IKEA in Ottawa! LOL) And back to Shelley’s place where I convinced her to enjoy a bit of the Chocolate Bailey’s I had found in the duty free shop on my ferry cruise a few days earlier!

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