SWEDEN – Malmo (Country #4 / City #5 / Travel Days #12-16)

Another travel day… this time via train from Stockholm to Malmo!

I thought I had it all under control… booked the tickets… left in plenty of time (I thought)…. but then the bus didn’t come on schedule… and it dropped us across the street from the station. And maybe you remember from my Stockholm post, I had left our large bags in a locker because the woman at tourist services said the train & bus station was the same place… well – for those who have been to NYC… that is like saying NY Penn Station is just one station for the trains & subway…. sure… with about a 1/2 hour to walk from end to end! So… I left the kids with our bags and strict instructions not to move… and RAN!!!! I ran from the train area to the bus area… got the big bags… and RAN!!! back to the train area… and got us all on to the right track with 14 minutes to spare but too stressed about the time to let the kids go get food or snacks as planned.

Oh well… we made it onto the train and to our reserved seats. It wasn’t very crowded and the kids settled in for the ride with their various devices, etc… if I had really been on the ball, I would have thought about getting out their school work at some point prior to the last 20 minutes of the ride. LOL I also managed to book a connecting train instead of direct… but it did allow a bit of time at the connecting station for the kids to grab a hot dog (their main choice of food in the Scandanavian countries!) 

When we finally arrived in Malmo, my dear friend Shelley Nichols was waiting for us on the platform… we both got a bit teary-eyed – you see, she was one of my dearest friends when I went to college at Virginia Commonwealth University 26 years ago…. and then she fell in love and moved to Sweden…. and I always planned to visit but never did…. until now! 

So… off we went to walk to her apartment with a short stop at a beautiful church along the way. It was so gorgeous inside but also had an organ… Tim immediately saw it and explained to Shelley all I had told him when we had gone to the organ concert in Stockholm (yay for worldschool moments!)

We then went for a quick stop at the grocery store that turned into a bizarrely long stop, as the kids started chatting with the mall security guy who kept them entertained with stories for quite a while as well as letting them all try on his handcuffs… all while Shelley and I sat on a bench nearby to chat.

We finally made it to her place… met her guy Peter (yes, same name as my hubby!) and her cat Bob! And then took a walk to a yummy burrito place for dinner and then a walk back along the water to her place where the kids settled in quickly, and Shelley and I stayed up late of course… 26 years is a lot of time to make up for!

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