GERMANY – Travel from Malmo to Hamburg

How can it be time to say goodbye already? Today started with an early morning visit to the laundry room in Shelley’s building (she has to pre-schedule her laundry time several days in advance… oh my goodness… I don’t think I’d ever manage to get laundry done! LOL) Thankful to head off on our next adventure with all clean clothes!!!


I managed to downsize our belongings once again and ship off a 2nd box back to Canada. (Yes, already realized we really brought too much stuff and we’re barely in week 2!!!) I then packed so we had our clothes for Hamburg in our small bags and everything else in the larger bag so we could once again lock it in a locker at the train station once we arrived in Hamburg. Shelley got us safely to the train station but we then had to manage from Malmo over to the larger station in Copenhagen… and then find our train there on our own… that wasn’t too bad until we got to our train and realized that since we had been unable to pre-reserve our seats when we booked, we had to just hang out in the middle area on the train (the loading platform area) along with our bags until we could figure out where there were open seats.

Thankfully the train staff person took pity on us and finally found us 3 seats close to each other… and with Kaelee on my lap we settled in for the ride. Until the train pulled onto a ferry and we had to get off the train during the ferry crossing (yay… another chance to say no to the kids… no more snacks.. no toys, no duty free… oh wait.. never mind… I said yes, yes, and yes… oh well!)

The ferry crossing was fairly short and then we were back on the train on our way to Hamburg.F8675A46-A786-45D3-A215-76BDE703A863

Once we arrived there I figured out their locker system, and we found a cab to take us to our hotel. After 2 weeks of airBnB’s and the blessing of several nights with no cost to stay at Shelley’s, I splurged on a hotel with an indoor pool and a restaurant & bar! (actually not more expensive than the airbnb’s…. except with no kitchen it meant we spent more on food).

When we arrived there was a bit of confusion on our room (was set up for 2 pp instead of 4), but the desk manager quickly worked it out and then gave me a card for a complimentary drink for the delay (which really wasn’t a delay!)…. After many years in hospitality I know problems happen… it is how they are dealt with that makes all the difference!!! After dropping everything in the room… we quickly made it to the pool before it closed at 10pm… and then I settled everyone in… and enjoyed an amazing mojito with the manager’s compliments!88156F21-88CE-47D6-99E0-866AE4EAB466



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