When I was in University I remember learning about the fight or flight response when faced with an immediate harm or threat. This adventure was not a threat, but as our departure date got closer and people would ask if I was excited, my response was generally… yes, mostly excited… but with equal parts terror! I found the perfect GIF to explain how I was feeling… this young boy who puts on his backpack in the front hall and charges out the front door only to step out into a free fall through the skies.
And throughout the summer I had so many plans to prepare for this trip and instead, life just kept getting in the way. 
And it was a wonderful life… but it didn’t leave me time to research and plan the way I had hoped. I had a list of everything I needed to do before we left… contact school board to withdraw the kids, prepare for homeschooling, book flights & lodging, research where we should visit and how I could use our travels for teachable moments, plan our travel route, set up communications (ie blog, instagram, etc)… and a bit of that got done, but not nearly enough. And then the week prior to leaving, life happened again and we needed to move homes.Luckily I had been doing several months of purging and packing to prepare for several months away travelling… but 6 days to find a new place and finish packing & moving a very full house meant there was no time left for final trip planning or even packing.
But in that original fight or flight scenario… I will always be the fighter. Not necessarily in the fight against harm as is suggested, but with the idea, that when there is a will there is a way! And I have a very strong will!
Now that we have actually started our trip I am hoping to be more disciplined about my blog posts and updates… but you know… life!
So until next time… remember… life is not a dress rehearsal! Live as if every day is opening night and everyone you love is on the front row and then give them a performance worthy of a standing ovation!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. June Erlandson says:

    Happy trails!


  2. Julie Long says:

    Have fun!!!


  3. Rej says:

    I admire you guys. I shall be right with you as you travel the world! Thanks for blogging about it.


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