Sky Lounge Ottawa


Heighten your senses at Sky Lounge, an exclusive culinary flight of fancy that will take you 150 feet in the air to discover Ottawa’s fine dining like never before.

Treat yourself to Andaz Feast+Revel’s Chef Stephen La Salle and his team’s appetizing creations — while enjoying a spectacular view of the nation’s capital.

Love is in the air ❤


Two different culinary journeys will excite your taste buds, each showcasing great Canadian food products, locally sourced, prepared with a dash of subtle creative nuances and flavours.


The culinary experience begins as soon as you arrive, with gourmet appetizers and an aperitif. Then take to the skies, where you will enjoy a selection of the country’s best cheese and exquisite charcuterie, all accompanied by a fine Canadian wine. Once back on solid ground, wrap up the evening with a final toast, while sipping a delicious liqueur.

Gourmet Dinner

Embrace your culinary adventure from the moment you arrive, with delectable appetizers and an aperitif. High in the air, enjoy a three-course gourmet meal, a mouth-watering mixture of local flavours prepared with contemporary flair and accompanied by a fine Canadian wine. Back on the ground, finish the evening off right with a delicious liqueur.

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