Mexico 06.2017

Immediately after school being out we all hopped on a plane and met Peter in Mexico.  It worked out really well as it was also a friends wedding.  So far it’s been absolutely wonderful!  A great end to the school year.

Early morning departure….. but awake and on time…. and on our way! (Pic taken at 4:15am!)


Sun, sand and family – what more can you ask for?


Pool didn’t open until 9….. kids came down at 8:15 to wait……. 9:10…. starts to rain! They don’t care, but Alex and I are staying dry for now and enjoying breakfast under the awning of the cafe poolside! Of course…. as long as it took me to write this…. rain has stopped and the sun has started to clear the clouds! I think I’ll still sit and enjoy a second cup of coffee as I enjoy the morning view!


Tim and Kaelee let me reapply sunscreen yesterday… and then patiently took my advice to let it dry before going in the pool! Still a little red on cheeks and shoulders, but not bad…… Alex however thought he knew better than his mama…. and wanted to get a golden tan…. lucky boy, he has skin like me and this will probably give him his wish…. but a bit uncomfortable for now! LOL


Special time with Gammy ❤


A few of my favorite sun rises – #CancunSky

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